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Kwik Car Wash - Parmatown

Do you just need your car touched up for a special occasion? Or has the weather done your car in this week and do you now need a complete in and out package? We offer a wide range of options that keep you in a great, clean car! Our Express Exterior Wash for that fast exterior touch up & shine ranging to The Works; inside and out, for looking and smelling better than good! Add an All Wheel Brightener and/or the Simoniz Tire Shine Service to complete that polished looked. See our Wash Menu for the details of the full line of services we provide.

Stop by our convenient location near Parmatown Mall at 7875 Day Drive, Cleveland 44129. Available for Exterior washes Monday - Saturday 8:00- 6:00pm and Sundays 8:00 - 5pm. and Interior washes Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 5:00pm.

Express Exterior Wash ($8.00)

When you are short on time or only need a quick wash to rinse the salt and dirt off from Cleveland's roads, our Express Exterior maybe just what you are looking for. Pay with cash, stay in your car, let our conveyor take you through and our blower system will dry your car on the way out. We will get you quickly and cleanly back on the road.

Exterior Wash ($10.00)

Your vehicle is prepped to assure that the stubborn spots are taken out completely (tough mud, bird droppings, etc.), then our conveyor takes you through and then hand towel dried on the way out for assured shine. We will get you quickly and cleanly back on the road.

Inside / Outside Wash ($18.50)

We will ask you to exit your car and proceed through our customer walkway to our viewing and waiting area. Your interior wash involves vacuuming the floors and all seats. Your windows are washed, the dashboard and door jambs wiped off and given a good once over. Your vehicle is also prepped before it goes through the car wash as needed to assure getting those tough spots out, like bird droppings, pine needles or excessive mud. Upon completion, we hand towel dry your vehicle. You are now clean, inside and out, and ready to hit the road.

The Protection Package ($22.00)

Enjoy the complete Inside / Outside Wash features along with the protection of the Simoniz Sealant. Add a Underbody Flush and a fragrance of your choice and backed by our 48 hours Rain and snow Guarantee.

The Works ($26.50)

Enjoy the complete Inside / Outside Wash features, the protection of the Simoniz Polish Wax and the Simoniz Sealant as well as a Underbody Flush and a fragrance of your choice. Stop by within 30 days for a quick touch up on the house with a Free Express Exterior Wash.

Unlimited Wash Program: (Starting at $19.99)

Enjoy the convenience of our Automatic monthly credit card renewal, assuring you always get a wash when your car is dirty. There are three levels of our unlimited exterior wash program. Our unlimited Express Wash ($19.99 month) is a machine wash and machine dry. Our Exterior Protection ($19.99 month) unlimited offers hand towel drying along with your Simoniz Sealant and a Underbody Flush. The Exterior Works ($29.99 month) unlimited offers hand towel drying along with Simoniz Sealant, Simoniz Triple Clear Coat treatment and the Underbody Flush.

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